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But Now Where Is the Party Animal?

April 6, 2011


There’s a club below the restaurant. Naturally, this club is also called Lavo. Designed with a multi-layered, voyeuristic approach, it is ideal for late night revelry.  The intimate, yet energetic dance floor is anchored by the state-of-the-art DJ booth, home to some of the most recognized DJ’s in the world. Two full-service bars and decadent banquette seating complete the space. Lavo is consistently making nightlife news with fresh and fun events. DJs spin club music and hip-hop while patrons dine on delicious reworked brunch traditions and sip champagne. If you so choose, you can order the magnum bottle of Lavo’s house rose – which will be brought out by someone decked in a Superman costume.

Although Lavo New York is barely even a month old, the club’s admirers already include the likes of Samantha Ronson, Omarion and Nicky Hilton.  One of the most telling observations of the club is that its patrons actually dance. What is it about Lavo that can get even the most jaded NYC party people moving? Could it be the delectable cuisine? The majestic décor? The over-the-top events? Or is it the pulsating spirit of Vegas seeping into the East Coast style?

Whatever it is, Lavo has hit the target spot-on. Get comfortable. This nightclub will be causing a stir in New York City for quite



Where Can I Dinner Tonight?

April 6, 2011


LAVO is a restaurant channels a nineteenth century Italian bistro and is the perfect spot for lunch, light fare and cocktails after-work at our outdoor café or cozy bar, dinner in the spectacular dining room, Saturday and Sunday brunch, or private events. The warm dining room is outfitted with antique mirrors, reclaimed subway tiles, bricks repurposed from old factories, and red Italian leather banquettes; the perfect perch from which to view the bustling scene.

Well then! Lavo is the newly opened, big-plattered, glitz-heavy sister eatery to Tao. “You know Tao, Buddhaman,” reads a real sentence in this story. “It’s where Kim Kardashian had her 30th birthday party.” So Lavo is that kind of place — the kind of place where power-suits bring done-up petite girls to gawk at the opulent, McNally-on-steroids space. How, then, do you review such a spectacle?

The whole brouhaha inspired Sifton to get epistolary with his Times piece. He framed the review by opening with a concerned question from a 6’3″, 220-pound bro who just wants to take his smoking-hot girl — and his six boys, of course — to dinner. Is that too much to ask?


Benny’s Burritos

March 7, 2011

The specialties’ restaurant are Burritos. The best in New York. Go for the lunch, or if you prefer to take a walkabout go there at night… it’s crowded. There is a choice and you can drink some frozen margarita for 3 dollars:) Oup’s What is a Burrito? It’s a mexican food composed with a tortilla (a kinf of a wheat flour crepe) topped with various ingredients : meat, chiken, turkey, beans, cheese, spicies, pimento. Then the tortilla is rolled and fried in oil.

113, Greenwich Village (between 12St & Jane St)

New York, NY 10014

(212) 633-9210

hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11:30 -11pm   Fri-Sat 11:30 – 12pm


February 21, 2011



We forget the cottage cheese! The ultimate, the authentic, the delectable, the decadent, the sweet, the succulent, the real cheesecake, intense flavor and enchanting, the texture is dense and creamy … that the cheesecake, and it is here ! To try it is to love it!


Everyone or almost know. Some of them are surprised and alarmed at the idea that we can associate both cheese & cake. Others, have immediately mouth watering and are totally addicted! In my home the cheesecake is not very famous, so I never really passionate. But I must say, since I’m in the capital of the cheesecake I got to see my aprioris about it … Today I learned to love them. At least for the Made in New York! I say «made in New York» because it must know that the cheesecake is different between countries and regions. Indeed, each region has its own cheese and therefore has its own cheesecake recipe. What may well be the cheese cheesecake with this town has acquired such a reputation? Well this is the Philadelphia of course! The famous white cream cheese created in 1872 in NY. Americans accomodate this cheese with every things (especially with the Bagel).



February 21, 2011




The Dell: a Jewish institution in New York, not to be confused with other delis, grocery stores, which means salad bars encountered at all street corners. The real New York deli serves Jewish specialties from Central Europe. You must try the pastrami (beef brisket moist and spicy, served warm), corned beef or turkey, served in huge sandwich on bread with caraway (rye bread) with the next big sour pickle Sweet (pickles) and the perennial potty cardboard coleslaw (shredded cabbage salad with creamy sauce).





The Bagels: typical New York consume nature, spread with butter and jam in the morning, or fresh cheese (cream cheese), tuna mayonnaise (tuna fish) or smoked salmon (lox).



Street Food

February 20, 2011


We can’t miss this opportunity! At every street corner in Midtown, you come face to face with stalls of street food vendors. This stands name carts. New Yorkers are crazy about that. Just wander through the business districts of Manhattan at noon to observe queues of frames in a suit, which patiently lined up outside their favorite card. But what justifies such a success? The guarantee of good food, and copiously ridiculous price. Ost carts offer Indian cuisine, but can also be found that sell only hot dogs, or just desserts. Any way, the quantities are generous and are trading for a few dollars.


February 20, 2011

Saturday and Sunday morning, New Yorkers have a habit of “brunch. ” Many restaurant serve brunch between 10-11am to 16pm which include dishes. These are halfway between breakfast and lunch. Brunch goes with a hod drink or a coktail like Bloody Mary or mimosa (better then not go too early…!). Generally we eat one’s fill! So don’t disregard it as well as many places make into a specialist.